About my paintings


I cannot imagine a world without colour, nor can I imagine a world without paintings. Paintings (those that appeal to me) are a source of constant  wonder,  puzzlement, intrigue, amazement and poetry. I can pour over some paintings for hours on end and others I will return to time and again.

Looking at a painting is a form of reading.

The difference being that text, even if potentially interesting does not have the immediacy of form and colour.

I am presenting two sets of paintings – one is acrylics and the other is oils.

For the acrylics, I have been inspired by one of Greg Kerr’s painting projects. Sourcing various artists that I particularly like, and mixing them together I came up with weird titles and a pictorial result that I quite enjoy. I have taken inspiration from Picasso, Norman Catherine, Hundertwasser and a few others which I will leave to the onlooker to figure out who the painters are.

The “branches”, “town” and oils are miscellaneous pieces painted over a period of time.